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Like 2015, 2016 has been very busy at Turneffe Flats. More anglers and divers have realized how nice the summer and fall weather is and how good the fishing, diving and snorkelling can be, so the season now extends pretty much throughout the year. Turneffe Flats continues to have many return guests and they particularly enjoy seeing the familiar faces from past visits. The 2017 Rates were recently published with only small price increases of 0 – 2% over 2016.

There are a couple of fishing openings in mid June which will qualify for a short notice discount.

m_Belize, Bonefish fishing
Belize, Bonefish fishing out of Turneffe Flats.


Buccaneers and Bones
In April, Turneffe Flats had the great pleasure of filming a production for Buccaneers and Bones. As many of you know, Karen and Craig are originally from South Dakota so talking with Tom Brokaw about mutual SD acquaintances was particularly enjoyable. Craig was able to spend a day fishing with one of his idols, Yvon Chouinard, as well as a day with long-time friend, Bill Klyn. Huey Lewis, Michael Keaton, Matt Connally and Chris Dorsey rounded out and interesting, fun and very enjoyable group for the show. Our hats are off to Orion Films for a very professional production which is to show sometime in 2017.

A large permit from deeper water.
A large permit from deeper water.


Bonefish Tarpon Trust
In January, we hosted a group from Bonefish, Tarpon Trust led by Matt Connally. The primary purpose was to obtain bonefish fin clips for genetic testing, and we were able to get at least 30 clips for analysis. We are anxious to see what the results show.
Particularly with our golden bonefish at Turneffe, we are curious to see if the bonefish at Turneffe are a unique population. The week was also a great experience in sharing conservation ideas and hearing the insights of Matt, who headed Ducks Unlimited for many years prior to joining and largely building BTT.

Some permit flies for use on Turneffe Island in Belize.
Some permit flies for use on Turneffe Island in Belize.


Our Staff
Our excellent staff remains largely unchanged. Jad is starting his 4th year and has solidly assumed the General Management spot. Nick has done a great job overseeing the reservations and marketing in our US Office. Nick has an engineering background and his engineering expertise has been very valuable with projects in Belize.
Our Fishing Guides are as solid as ever. Some elders, including Pops, Willie and Eddie, are slowing down and guiding more or less half of the time. Younger guides including John and Kimbral have really stepped up and the core group of Dubs, Dion, Mark, Mike and Daniel continue to be heavily requested. Capt. fractured his shoulder earlier this year and he is just getting back to guiding.

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