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Little River Outfitters is well known as a fly fishing store and mail order company. They are located in Townsend, Tennessee near the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The store has a huge selection of fly fishing tackle and a large fly tying department. They have been family owned since 1994.

Little River Outfitters is more than a fly shop. They are a very serious fly fishing school, offering classes for beginners and advanced fly anglers alike. Many of their students come there from other states, to learn the sport. Townsend is a wonderful place to visit, while taking the classes. The curriculum ranges from free introductory classes, to two-day schools for beginners, private instruction, advanced fly fishing techniques, and fly tying classes. There is a dedicated classroom on the second level of the shop.

Below is a short description of some classes they offer.
You can visit the group of detailed pages pertaining to the school by CLICKING HERE. Below is a short description of some classes they offer.

Free Orvis Beginner Fly Fishing 101 Classes

The Free Orvis 101 Class is a 2-hour primer. Many people take this class to see if fly fishing is something they may be interested in pursuing. If they decide to move forward, we have many more classes, to get you going. CLICK HERE to visit the Free Orvis 101 page.

Beginner Day One Fly Fishing Classes

This class gets you started in the sport of fly fishing. You will spend the day, learning to tie the knots, learning about and rigging tackle, reading the water, and learning to cast. You will be casting on the lawn behind the shop. The price for this all-day class is $150. That also includes a catered lunch and all the tackle you need for the day. You may visit our website page, devoted to our beginner fly fishing school by CLICKING HERE. The class is limited to 8 students.

The class is limited to 8 students.

Beginner Day 2 Fly Fishing On-Stream Classes

Our Beginner Fly Fishing Class Day-2, takes place on a stream in the Smoky Mountains. You will likely be sharing an instructor with up to two other students. We furnish everything you need for the day except polarized sun glasses and a rain jacket. You will use our waders and tackle. We will provide lunch for you. This may be one of the most memorable days in your life. It probably was for the young man in the photo to the left. This class costs $150. CLICK HERE to read more.

Nymphing Tactics Classes

This class will make you a much better fly fisherman. The truth is, the food most trout consume, is drifting below the surface of the water. You may read, up to 90% of the trout’s diet is food, drifting down in the water column. And, often, trout just won’t rise to a dry fly. Fly fishermen often struggle when using nymphs, below the surface.The Nymphing Tactics Class, will help you solve those problems. In this class you will spend half the day in our classroom. After lunch, you will go to a stream in the Park, and put what your have learned to practical use. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Nymphing Tactics Classes

Private and Group Instruction

Maybe your schedule does not work with our scheduled schools. Or, maybe you want to have a one on one class to yourself. It could be, you have a small group that would like to stay in a group. Or, you may want your class on a weekday. If you fall into one of these categories, our private instruction program is perfect for you.
The first half of your day will be spent in our classroom, learning the basics of fly fishing. During that time, you and your friends or family will also spend time on our casting lawn at the shop, practicing casting a fly rod. You will learn to tie knots, get an understanding of flies and why we use certain patterns and different times. A detailed explanation of the equipment and tackle will be taught. We provide everything you need. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Fly Tying Classes

Learning to tie your own trout flies may become your favorite hobby. It allows you to participate in your sport at home, on cold Winter days. Nothing beats catching a trout on a fly you tied yourself. We usually hold these classes during the Winter months, beginning in November and ending in February, but sometimes we offer them during the Summer. We have 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The classes are taught by Walter Babb and Brian Courtney. All materials and tools will be furnished by us for the day. We will also buy lunch. Classes are limited to 8 students. The costs are $75 to $85 per day. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Learn to know the instructors here.

Little River Outfitters is a fly shop, fly fishing school and mail order company. We have been family owned since 1994. We are located in Townsend, Tennessee, a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thank you for supporting us all these years.

We do not charge for ground shipping. You may order online or call us to order. We are open 7 days to take your order, between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Time.

Little River Outfitters
106 Town Square Drive
P.O. Box 505
Townsend, Tennessee 37882
Tel. +1 865-448-9459

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