Sheelin trout fishing in August: Good but hard in erratic conditions

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’
Henry David Thoreau

A Sheelin sedge.
A Sheelin sedge.


August is a fishing month that can sometimes be mistakenly written off by anglers as being slow and sluggish with not much happening, a month of ‘resting up’ as such before that final blast into the last leg of the trout fishing season.

Ned Shannon, Belfast with his 5 ½ lb August trout.
Ned Shannon, Belfast, with his 5½ lb August trout.


Despite having struggled with water clarity issues, Lough Sheelin is pulling away from its contemporaries and is producing some excellent and diverse fishing for those tenuous anglers whose passion for this stretch of water can, at times, be only admired. I am definitely in awe of those anglers who display a continuous and unwavering faith in this unique stretch of trout fishing water and because of their faith often reap the benefits. Fishing on Lough Sheelin this week has been good but hard and it is important to note that word hard.

By Brenda Montgomery
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