1,138 Sailfish & 55 Marlin Releases in May; 502 Mahi & 180 Tuna!

If you’ve been following our fishing reports, then you know May has been outstanding. The proof is in the numbers! In May we hosted 125 charters. The total, just for May, is 2,287 raises, 1,843 bites, and 1,138 sailfish releases, that’s 18 raises per day on average! To make May even sweeter is the mixed plate of species including Blue Marlin with 142 raises, 111 bites, and 55 marlin releases, 180 Yellowfin Tuna, and 502 Mahi Mahi! Join us in June to keep the catching going!

We would like to give THREE big shout outs! First, to the Segal group for breaking Guatemalan Record with seven Blue Marlin RELEASES in one day aboard the Finest Kind. Second, to the Edwards group for getting two GRAND SLAMS aboard the Release. And last but not least, to Michael and Craig for making their maiden voyage to Casa Vieja!


If you've been following our fishing reports, then you know May has been outstanding.


Below are just a few of our fishing highlights, check out our daily fishing reports HERE.

• May 4-27th, the Poco Loco (44′ Kincheloe Nickerson) with Capt. David Salazar, had 374 raises, 313 bites, and 197 sailfish releases. They also had 9 marlin raises, 8 marlin bites, 4 marlin release, 30 tuna, and 41 mahi-mahi.
• May 4-27th, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar) with Capt. Chris Sheeder, had 477 raises, 354 bites, and 180 sailfish releases. They also had 43 marlin raises, 32 marlin bites, 19 marlin releases, 10 tuna, and 56 mahi-mahi!
• May 4-27th, the Spindrift (38’ Stolper) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 453 raises, 402 bites, and 281 sailfish releases. They also had 7 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, 14 tuna, and 44 mahi-mahi
• May 4-28th, the Release (37′ Merritt) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 334 raises, 279 bites, and 183 sailfish releases. They also had 23 marlin raises, 14 marlin bites, 9 marlin releases, 40 tuna, and 97 mahi-mahi.
• May 5-18th, the Pez Raton  (35′ Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 95 raises, 71 bites, and 33 sailfish releases. They also had 16 marlin raises, 15 marlin bites, 5 marlin releases, 26 tuna, 120 mahi-mahi, 12 grouper, 14 snapper, 5 jacks, AND 2 roosterfish!
• May 14-30th, fishing a total of 10 days, the El Cadejo (35′ Contender) with Capt. Efron Rizzo, had 126 raises, 104 bites, and 67 sailfish releases. They also had 8 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, 1 marlin release, 29 tuna, and 46 mahi-mahi!
• May 17-27th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Jason Brice, had 180 raises, 134 bites, and 90 sailfish releases. They also had 12 marlin raises, 12 marlin bites, 8 marlin releases, and 25 mahi-mahi.


Upcoming Events at Casa Vieja Lodge


Upcoming Events at Casa Vieja Lodge:
2018 Father’s Day Fishing Frenzy: June 15-17
Fall Solo Anglers Week: November 1-5
2018 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout: Nov. 8-10

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Website: www.casaviejalodge.com

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