The 60th edition of Catch Magazine is now live!

The 60th edition of Catch Magazine is now live!

Issue # 60 takes you on a wild chase for fins around the globe.

First up, Adrienne Comeau shares the beauty of British Columbia’s Dean River steelhead and Chinook taking flies on the swing.

Next, learn about the Tsimane people, a thriving indigenous culture photographed by Rafael Costa, who illustrates their traditional reverence for golden dorado on Amazon River tributaries including the Pluma, upper Pluma and Secure rivers. 

Sit back and enjoy the T-Motion feature “Indiana Bones” paddling the Bahamian flats to catch bonefish and barracuda and fending off wild sharks along the way.

Finally, enjoy the treasures of Alaska’s Katmai- Illiamna region with Brian O’Keefe’s stunning photos from the Big Ku Lodge.

See it here.

Click Here to view Indiana Bones, Catch Magazine's latest feature.

Click Here to view Indiana Bones, Catch Magazine’s latest feature.

Thanks to Eleven Experience and R.L. Winston Rod Company.

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