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Make Every Cast a Sight-Fishing Experience.
Make Every Cast a Sight-Fishing Experience.


LiveSight™ Sonar turns every cast into a sight-fishing experience with real-time views of lure and fish movements. Anglers can watch fish react to their presentation – as it happens – and gain insight on what’s working, what isn’t and what to do next.

Best Live-Sonar Fishfinding Tool Available
Anglers will have an easier time watching their lure to find and track fish with LiveSight™ Sonar. Featuring the widest sonar beam and greater range, LiveSight provides anglers a wider view of the water column, making it easier to search for – and stay on – the fish.


View LiveSight and CHIRP Sonar Side-by-Side


View LiveSight and CHIRP Sonar Side-by-Side
View CHIRP Sonar alongside real-time views of lure and fish movements when using LiveSight™ Sonar in a down-looking position. Locate fish with CHIRP Sonar, then target the fish with LiveSight™ Sonar.

Target Trails
LiveSight™ Sonar assigns target trails to moving targets, making it easier to track lure and fish movements. This makes targets easier to follow when they are moving thru and around structure.

Target Fish in Front or Below Your Boat
Perfect for drop shotting and vertical jigging, or tracking bait in front of the boat, LiveSight™ Sonar helps anglers get a bead on the fish, so they’ll know whether they are actively feeding. The transducer can be mounted in a front-facing position to cast toward the fish, or mounted in a down-facing position to do some vertical jigging below the boat.

• See fish movements in real time below or in front of the boat
• Watch fish react to the lure
• Fish are easy to track with the widest real-time sonar beam and longest range
• Know whether fish are actively feeding
• Ideal for drop shotting, vertical jigging, as well as tracking presentations in front of the boat
• The perfect complement to Active Imaging™ Sonar
• Down-looking view complements LiveSight™ and CHIRP Sonar
• Can be mounted in forward- and down-looking positions
• Compatible with HDS LIVE and HDS Carbon (Carbon requires a PSI-1 module – scheduled for July availability)

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