Fly Tying Tutorial: Chase Howard’s Extended Body Drake

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Fly Tying Tutorial: Chase Howard's Extended Body Drake


Learn to tie Chase Howard’s Extended Body Drake, a nymph with movement that is out of this world.

Dead drifting this fly into a swing works flawlessly as the Nymph-Head Evolution tungsten beadhead will get the fly deep quick, and as the fly swings, the Wiggle-Tail Shank offers tons of extra movement.

The weight of the bead isn’t a compromise for realism as the Evolution Mayfly Swimmer & Burrower tungsten beadhead is molded after the common mayfly swimmer and burrower head profile – oval, elongated, and gracefully curved at the front but flattened at the back near the thorax with prominent, egg-shaped eyes. We hope you enjoy tying and fishing this fly!

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