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The Turneffe Atoll Trust has been working hard over the past two years to see that gillnets are banned throughout Belize. We knew that gillnets were a major problem for Belize; however, as we have deepened our involvement, we have become acutely aware that gillnets threaten Belize’s entire marine environment, and with it, the country’s economy.

Led by Turneffe Atoll Trust, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries was formed to spearhead efforts for a ban. The Coalition is a strong group of conservation organizations, sport fishing organizations, and yes, the majority of commercial fishermen who have gotten involved because they realize their livelihoods are being threatened.



There has been an on-going and intense media campaign throughout Belize and we are confident that the general public is now solidly behind a ban. We are also aware of solid support from the Government of Belize and feel that the ban can be accomplished.

The Coalition has presented a formal proposal to the Government of Belize. This proposal includes a commitment by the Coalition to raise $500,000 to $1 Million for transitioning gillnet users to other sustainable livelihoods.

Please look through our website which includes detailed information about this issue and the ban. We ask that you contribute whatever you can to help with this crucial effort and a simple Go Fund Me process is included with the website.

This effort is crucial for the marine environment of Belize and we hope that you will support this important effort.


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