Vision: How to fly fish for pike plus tools of the trade

Antti Guttorm and Tuomas Rytkönen from Vision go through the essential skills and equipment for fly fishing for pike. Fishing for pike in Finnish archipelago is sportfishing as its finest. Great sceneries with big, strong and wild fish. It doesn’t get better than this.



This film is filmed in November which is one of the best times to target big pike in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately it’s not the best time for the camera with low light conditions through the whole day. The days are short and there is not a lot of light. This kind of day you see in the film is perfect for fishing for pike with clouds and a bit of wind.


Fly lines for pike fishing

Fly line is the most important piece of gear for delivering large pike flies to the target. Our Dynamic Duo Tuomas Rytkönen and Antti Guttorm give advice on the range of lines from Vision for pike fishing.



GRAND DADDY is a short belly fly line which is ideal for quick casting and belly boats. BIG MAMA has a bit longer head with long rear taper. Great for long casts with good control and boat fishing.


Rods for pike fly fishing

In this video Ryde and Antti will tell you about the range of fly rods for pike fishing from Vision. These two goof heads design our rods and lines so listen carefully.




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