Spring Flyfishing Show at Flyfishing Europe


On Saturday the 7th of March a large flyfishing show will be held in and around the large shop of Flyfishing Europe in Delecke, Germany.




On the day you can watch well known flytiers, attend presentations, learn how to cast your fly with more ease with both the single and double handed fly rod.




The day starts at 9.00 hours and some of the actors on this day are André Scholz, Rene Didssun, Theo van de Poll, John Peters, Holger Bente, Peter Joest, Sascha Bachmann, Stefan Schmid, Thies Reimers and Rudy van Duijnhoven.




Flyfishing Europe GmbH
Linkstrasse 27
59519 Möhnesee
Tel.: +49 2924 87430
Fax: +49 2924 874328
Website: www.flyfishingeurope.de.


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