World Fish Migration Day 16 May – postponed to 24 October

How is World Fish Migration Day adapting to COVID 19? In light of the difficult situation facing us all at the moment, the World Fish Migration Day Team has decided to postpone the official celebration from May 16th 2020 to October 24th 2020. In consideration of the uncertainty of this situation, we encourage our community to either plan digital or physical events to celebrate together on October 24th. This is our chance to go with the flow and an opportunity to get creative! We emphasize that safety is first and we advise you to follow the COVID-19 safety regulations of your national government.


World Fish Migration Day 16 May - postponed to 24 October

Can I still celebrate on May 16th?

Yes! We understand that this last minute change may not work for everybody, as many people have been preparing events for months. Given this, we will be especially flexible with the timing of your activities and celebrations. We understand that you may need to host your event before October (whether due to weather conditions, budget deadlines, COVID-19 restrictions, etc.) This is why we encourage everyone to host their event at their convenience. Please adapt or upload your event on our website when possible!


What about the Fish Migration Award and the Eurofishion contest?

We encourage everyone to still participate in our contests! Please note, the deadline to submit your artwork for the Fish Migration Award has been extended to April 30th! Now, young artists have more time to work on their masterpieces and submit them. Winners will be announced late May!
This is also the perfect time to work on your Eurofishion entry! We have received a few entries so far and promises of more entries in the future. We hope that more will join and participate as it seems singing is what is bringing hope to the streets of the people in lockdowns! Now is the time to submit your entries and on May 16th, voting is open! Get your friends and family to vote on your video to win the popular vote! Winners announced on October 24th.


What is the goal of World Fish Migration Day?

The main goal of World Fish Migration Day is to improve the public’s understanding of the importance of migratory fish and how we can reduce our impact on them. The next step is to enable citizens around the world to act to restore rivers to their natural state. Ultimately, we aim to create sustainable commitments from NGOs, governments and industry on safeguarding free-flowing rivers and restoring swimways or migratory fish.

As a day where events around the world take place, centralized around this topic, we can make a better call to the government to restore and protect these rich resources.

We hope that people of all ages can attend World Fish Migration Day events to learn about rivers and fishes. Only this way can we work towards better protecting them.




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