Guideline Bullet 2.0 WF Floating Fly Line

The Guideline Bullet 2.0 has a powerful head with flawless turnover for heavy flies. It is made for fishing in rivers, lakes and on the coast. An excellent fly line for fishing in windy conditions and a first choice for single hand salmon and trout fishing with streamers.



It is the perfect line for your streamer, sea trout or salmon fishing with singlehanded rods. It is virtually unaffected by wind and larger flies, shoots like a bullet, has a great balance and despite the short head it doesn’t collapse during flight. The taper-design reduces any disturbance in the loop and sends the line flying with a minimum of false casts.

A 9,25 meter long head and a 3,0 meter long, level handling line behind the back taper make the line forgiving and versatile. It will cast far with good control and little effort. Spey casting properties are excellent and the line is super effective when fishing in tight and overgrown rivers. It is also popular in lake or coast situations where room for back cast is a bit restricted.

Full info about Bullet 2.0 fly line at the Guideline website:


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