FLY TYING: “Micro Mouse Changer” by Daniel Bergman – Tie TV

Fly tying is one of few things that aren’t affected by the corona situation and we got you covered with a new episode of Tie TV ft. Daniel Bergman. Today’s fly is kind of a Miuras Mouse inspired version of the classic Game Changer streamer and it’ll get the job done for pretty much all fish-eating species such as trout, perch, pike, zander – you name it.



Hook: Partridge Attitude Extra # 2.
Shanks: Flymen Chocklettes Articulated Micro Spines in 6mm, 8mm and the tail version.
Tail: Hedron Lateral Scale Small – Mirrage Opal
Body: Chocklett’s Gamechanger Chenille in Clear
Head: Predator Dubbing in Red Roe, Pearl and Black
Eyes: Epoxy Eyes 5,1 mm
Front: Bauers Water Pushing Foam 10mm (Much more durable than the Boobie Eye in the Film)

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