The ONLY PIKE FLY you need? (Tie TV ft. Niklaus Bauer)

If you could only use one pike fly in all situations, all year round – what pattern would you choose? In this video, Niklaus Bauer answers that question as he ties the, in his opinion, best allround pike fly there is. It’s relatively easy to tie, you can fish it with different tails and tie it in different colors and last but not least – it catches pike like crazy.




Hook: Partridge Predator CS86 X 4/0 – 6/0 and Partridge Z4 size 1 or Ahrex TP 610 4/0 -6/0 and PR382 size 1.
Wire: Bauer’s pike wire titanium.
Glue: Zap brush on, Epoxy, Gulff UV resin Fl red and Thinman.
Thread: Textreme Power thread 100D
Tail: Fastach size 0, 3 mm bead glow in the dark, Bucktail in white, Hedron Magnum Flashabou Opal Mirage, pearl a glow white.
Tail: Dragon tail XL, XXL in Fl. Chartreuse or Holo Gold
Head: Predator dubbing in Tan and Lizard Bush, ripple ice in tan and Light olive.
Eyes: Fly- Dressing’s Fl. Red Epoxy eyes in 9mm.
Body: Long hair holo in Uv/olive.
Wing: Bucktail in white, Olive and Fl. Yellow. Hedron Magnum Flashabou Opal Mirage, pearl a glow white, pearl a glow yellow, holo Olive. Bauer’s premium Nayat in wild olive. Hedron standard in Holo Olive, Pearl dyed olive, polar flash gold.

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