Now is the time to dig in for Bristol Bay

Now is the time to dig in for Bristol Bay


Today, the final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Pebble mine was released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

If you’ve been following along over the last two years, we have now entered the final stages of the permitting process for Pebble. Within as little as 30 days from today, Pebble could be granted or denied its most important federal permit. 


Pebble Mine update


The science from this review clearly demonstrates Bristol Bay will be at risk by Pebble. Now is the time to take action for Bristol Bay.


Presumed risks

We get it – over the years there has been a lot of talk about what Pebble is, its presumed risks, and if it can move forward in the region. Many Alaskans decided to withhold judgement on the mine until the process had played out and the scientific review was complete. Today, that review is done.

Experts from many disciplines and decades of experience from across many agencies say the report is full of inconsistencies, holes, and provides a weak analysis of the project that underestimates the risk to Bristol Bay. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

If you have “waited to see how the permitting process will play out,” now is the time to dig in. The Army Corps has reviewed only phase one – and what we see isn’t good (191 miles of streams + 4,614 acres of wetlands impacted). Making matters worse, the science shows that it’s an underestimation.


Too risky for Bristol Bay

Those who look closely at the science come away with the same conclusion: Pebble mine is too risky for Bristol Bay. Take action today.

With the release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement, a record of decision on Pebble’s permit could come down as early as 30 days from now. Please speak up for Bristol Bay to help us stop Pebble before it is too late.

Thank you.
Meghan and the Save Bristol Bay team

P.S. Need a refresher on what’s happened in the permit process so far? Check out this explainer video, then take action for Bristol Bay.

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