Fish populations in Mediterranean region endangered due to hydropower boom!

Fish populations in Mediterranean region endangered due to hydropower boom!


Have you ever heard of the Vadar Streber? No? It may only be known to ichthyologists, but it might go extinct very soon. If the planned 6,300 new hydropower plants are built in the region, 179 fish species would be driven further towards extinction; another seven species would certainly be put beyond rescue and are likely to become globally extinct, so the study.

The biggest threat comes from small hydropower plants. If the expansion of hydropower is not stopped, the EU can forget about its Biodiversity Targets in the Green Deal. MORE

Another new study on global migratory fish populations show a decline by 76% on average since 1970. In Europe, populations have declined by even 93%! MORE


Hydropower plants


Austrian Kelag is drying up rivers in Kosovo!

Once again, the Austrian Kelag Energie, or rather its subsidiary KELKOS, attracts unpleasant attention. After the Sana in BiH, the company has destroyed another river – this time in Kosovo – due to hydropower construction in the midst of a national park and without the necessary environmental permits! In response to an open letter from the organization Pishtarët, signed by 60 local NGOs, KELAG/KELKOS answered with intimidation through a lawsuit. Now local NGOS are turning to the Austrian Foreign Ministry. MORE


Sava at risk


PETITION: Confluence of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka at risk!

This precious ecosystem is under threat by the plan of a massive Tourist and Recreation Center, that has nothing to do with eco-tourism. The developer wants to build an artificial lake, 62 camping places for motorhomes, open toilets, multipurpose recreational areas and lots of other infrastructure typical for campsites. This is a disaster for the ecologically extremely important area. Prevent the destruction of nature and preserve the quality of life for local residents!! PLEASE SIGN the petition by Reši Sotočje!


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