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Whoppers in Normandy

Lakes Emilie and Nessy are connected to five other ponds and constantly being fed by the pure water of the River Iton.

During Covid 19 long distance fishing trips are out of the question for a lot of fly-fishermen. For Dutch and Belgium fly-fishers Normandy is only a few hours driving and is full of surprises! By Guido Vinck     The tranquil Moulin de Chaise Dieu estate stretches over twelve hectares (29.6 acres) and three kilometres […]

Exciting competition in France

The “Internationaux de France” turned out to be an exciting competition right until the last second. With teams from Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg firework could be expected and that is what happened. Right from the start of the competition fish had to be measured and written down on the forms. […]