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Fantastic four by Stonfo

This is a handy little tool made of high-impact plastic material that, once you have one, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Stonfo, the innovative Italian tackle design company, has been working on its fly fishing accessories and has come up with a fantastic four that’ll make some of those difficult dubbing fly-tying techniques even easier to master. Creating dubbing ropes of the correct width, colour and texture can be difficult and time-consuming tasks. These four items […]

New Rod Holder by Stonfo

The clip (item 679, Stonfo Rod Holder), which is made of a highly elastic rubber compound, quickly and easily hold rods with diameters between seven and ten millimetres.

Any fly angler will tell you that there are times you need an extra hand, especially when you’re trying to tie on the best imitation you have during an evening rise, the light’s fading, the fish are rising and you don’t want to waste any precious time getting the fly on the water. Well, for […]