Exciting competition in France

The “Internationaux de France” turned out to be an exciting competition right until the last second. With teams from Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg firework could be expected and that is what happened.

m_foto 1
The winners in action.

Right from the start of the competition fish had to be measured and written down on the forms. A total of 757 trout were caught, a number far greater than anything we have seen in Europe this year.

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The first time they participate in this competition in France, Nick Mager and Robert Sapulette take first place.


A fresh northern wind and just some light sunshine were not exactly the best conditions, hardly any insects, no dry flies or nymphs therefore, mini streamers and mini blobs fished at the right depth were the killing flies. The beautiful 18 hectare Lac Générale des Eaux in the Normandy Vernouillet-sur-Avre lived up to its reputation completely.

m_foto 3
Semih and Eddie finished one point from the winners.

On the real hotspots, speed was needed; in the shallow zones a more careful approach was called for. After five sessions before lunchtime, two Dutch teams were in the lead, followed by two Belgium and one Czech team; there was excitement all around. During the sessions in the afternoon the top teams passed each other time and again and in the end one trout, more or less, decided the placings in the top four.

m_foto 4
Robbie and Johan caught the largest number of fish.

Congratulations for the Dutch winners Nick Mager – Robert Sapulette (G.Loomis-Fasna FlyFishing) who remained one point in front of their fellow countrymen Semih Egemen – Eddie Pattipeilohy (G.Loomis -Fasna Flyfishing), the third place was for the Belgium anglers Robbie Vispoel – Johan Vandegeuchte (Castingclub of Flanders). On fourth place ended Patrick De Schutter – Guido Vinck (G.Loomis-Castingclub of Flanders). Between fourth and first place was a difference of six points. Peanuts when you look at the numbers of fish caught: winners 57 trout, second team 58 trout, third team 65 trout (the highest number of all teams) and the fourth team 47 trout.

m_foto 5
The winning teams in the afternoon sunshine.

A great result for the G.Loomis teams, the three teams all ended in the top four. For the complete results look at http://fly.countryclub.free.fr/idf2016.htm

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