The World’s Largest Fly Fishing Tourney is Turning TEN

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The World's Largest Fly Fishing Tourney is Turning TEN.

Schoolie 2021 is gonna be BIG!

Team Cheeky is excited and proud — proud as a parent on their child’s first day of middle school — to unleash the power of the Cheeky Schoolie Tourney for the 10th consecutive year!!  This year’s Tourney will be held on Saturday, May 22nd with registration opening on January 27th, so mark your calendars!

Admittedly, we were not the first to develop such a novel concept as a Cape Cod beach shindig (the Pilgrims beat us to it by a few years) … Nonetheless, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to host the world’s largest fly fishing tournament come hell or high water.

After ten years of Schoolie-ing, many friendships have been forged, countless beers consumed, schools of stripers safely released, more beers consumed, and handfuls of embarrassing wagers lost.  Since 2001, many of you brave anglers have embarked into the unknown on these fateful Tournament mornings.  Bleary-eyed and coffee-craving, you lot have undertaken many a shore-based quests to secure insane prizes, relish in Instagram fame (at least for a day), and, best of all, to help raise money for striped bass conservation.

The first task at hand — REGISTRATION!!  It’s gonna open up soon!  January 27th to be precise.  That gives you a couple of weeks to start talking teams with your buddies.  You can exercise some diplomacy and coerce your fishiest friends to squad up with you, or grab a newbie and show them the ropes.  Just a couple quick tid-bits and refreshers on Tournament format:

• We’re stoked to put on another successful, super fun, and COVID-safe Tournament like last year’s!  There will be some changes; more to come on all that later.
• Catch-photo-release only.  Aggregate length (inches) of your 4 biggest fish is your score.  Most total inches takes the cake!
• This is a no B.S. tournament — yes, no “Boat Setups” allowed!  Shore-based angling only, restricted by the boundaries of good ol’ Cape Cod.
• Teams of 2 must stick together.  It’s a one-day tournament so get a game plan going and may the best anglers win!
• Keep an eye on our newsletter, social media, and the Tournament Page for all the important Tourney updates!
• ICYMI: Check out our LIVE SCHOOLIE STREAM AND AWARDS CEREMONY from last year’s Tourney.
• We’ll provide all the additional info you’ll need to register on January 27th, so mark those calendars.


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Find all your Schoolie Tourney information HERE.


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