Flymen Fishing Company: Double Barrel Japeto Frog

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Flymen Fishing Company: Double Barrel Japeto Frog.


This Frog Imitation Fishes Super Well… and Looks Like It Will Hop Out of Your Fly Box on Its Own

“Ken Capsey’s Japeto Frog is easily one of the most fun flies I have ever tied!” –Brian Wise

The target species for the Japeto Frog is bass (smallmouth, largemouth, spotted), but pike, musky, and even snakeheads are targetable with this fly as well.

When fishing the Japeto Frog, cast to lily pads, moss, grass, weeds, or any structure close to the bank. Typically, fishing a frog pattern is noticeably faster than other topwater patterns, but observe and let the fish tell you the speed you should be moving with.

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