FF & FT July: See how they run – understanding summer salmon

See how they run. Understanding summer salmon. At newsagents from today!


See how they run. Understanding summer salmon. At newsagents from today!

Plus loads more informative articles, including:​
• Trout and the City: Hop over the wall into Glasgow’s urban wilderness
• 6 of the best Emerger Buzzers: … and when to use each one
• Pros and cons of Spey-trouting: Lessons from using a switch rod on reservoirs
• At Last!: A method for tying flat-bodied hog-louse and stone-clinger Nymphs
• Living the dream: How a club bought out a famous fishing beat
• Beware! The Bead-less Nymph: The unfashionable – but unbeatable – tactic
• All you wanted to know about peacock: … but were too proud to ask
• Starting us young: A teenager’s view on getting youngsters into fly fishing
• WIN! A Triangle Taper fly line PLUS Seaguar fluorocarbon
• The flies of Arthur Ransome: Salmon patterns devised by the famous author
• Any luck?: Seeking out a positive outcome during the mid-season doldrums
• Hot sun & rhubarb foolery: The science behind this red-hot pattern for July
• WINNERS! FLY TYING COMPETITION: The random draw winner of the £825 vice!
• News: ‘Fierce opposition’ as anglers oppose C&R on Severn; Pesticides’ negative effect on soil; Warm-cool cycle affecting juvenile salmon; New Countryside Code for Wales …
• NEW! Undercurrent: Llynfi delay concerns; Disturbing photographs showing the unacceptable face of agriculture in the 21st Century
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


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