RIO Products: Tying In The Right Sized Hackle a.o. Fly-Tying Tips

In this episode of RIO’s Fly Tying Tips, Brita shows how to choose the right sized hackle based on hook size. While most experienced tiers know how to eye up a feather and select the correct one for the fly they are tying, novice tiers find it hard to find the right feather. Brita shows a simple tool that makes this easy.



Identifying Terrestrials

In this RIO Fly Fishing Tip Chris Walker talks about what “terrestrials” are, how to identify them, and where best to fish them. Terrestrials are a very important food group of trout, so knowing how to identify them, and having a selection of assorted terrestrials in your fly box is essential for all trout anglers.



“Palmering” A Hackle – Part 1

This episode is the first in a two-part series on tying in a “palmered” hackle. A Palmered hackle is a hackle that runs the full length of the hook, rather than tied in at the head and, as a result, has a different set of skill requirements to tie correctly.





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