RIO’s Latest “How To” Episode Now Live – How To Fish In Drought Condition

How To Fish In Drought Condition.


In this episode of RIO’s “How To Fly Fish” series, Wayne Peterson talks about fly fishing for trout in drought conditions. As water warms up, the saturated oxygen content decreases, making it harder for fish to recover from being caught.

Wayne discusses the options for fly fishing in the heat of summer when water temperatures are high, and how, with a little planning, you can still venture out and enjoy fly fishing.

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RIO’s “Tying The Fly”


Tying the Fly


RIO fly designer, Brita Fordice introduces an exciting new series of educational videos for the fly tier. “Tying The Fly” shows fly tiers how to tie some of the most popular and useful fly patterns. Whether tying flies for trout, carp, steelhead, or exotic saltwater species, this series has a pattern for everyone.


RIO’s Fly Tying Tip


How To Use A Hair Stacker

If you missed our latest RIO Fly Tying Tip, you can catch it again here. In this episode Brita explains how to use a hair stacker when tying flies. A hair stacker is an incredibly useful tool that aligns all the thin ends of any hair you are tying into the fly, in seconds.


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