Vision Fly Fishing: HERO rods (with trout surprise!)

Two heros from Vision, Antti and Ryde, introduce the Hero rod series.



LITTLE HERO 7′ #3 The name is deceiving. Because of the small stature of this Hero it has the unique ability to get to places where its bigger team members can’t and wreak havoc.

DRY HERO 8′ #4 The dry sense of humor of this Hero goes a long way in tricky situations. On top of that it can actually float on water! It’s known for its long drag free drifts along the rivers.

SUPER HERO 9′ #5 The boss of the team. This Hero has so many powers it’s impossible to list them all. It can do whatever is needed so the advantage is always his.

RIVER HERO 9′ #6 This hero has the ability to float on water as well but on top of that it can also send some deep diving bombs.

COAST HERO 9′ #7 The coastline is the kingdom of this powerful hero. It can withstand the most cruel coastal conditions with high winds and extreme cold.

LONG HERO 9’6” #7 The Long Hero can use his powers in very tight quarters. It finds its place best in streams with heavy forests surrounding them. And then there’s the two twins. First the Nymph twins.

NYMPH HERO 10′ #3 & 10′ #4 These twins are the master of sensitivity. They detect everything and are ready to strike swiftly.

STILL HERO 9’9” #6 & 10′ #7 These two are the strongest members of the Hero Team. They can reach unimaginable distances and no enemy is safe no matter how far they are.


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