RIO Products: The Perfect Drift Starts Here

RIO Products: The Perfect Drift Starts Here.


Your Perfect Drift Starts Here

Nymphing is an art form and a seriously effective way to catch trout—and it all starts with proper rigging. From the right fly line to your bottom bug and everything in between. Whether you find yourself micro-nymphing during a PMD emergence with the perfect dead drift or plummeting your nymphs into deep pools, look no further for all your nymphing needs.

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Indicator Line


Indicator Line .


Designed to turnover a wide range of indicators and fly sizes for long casts, efficient mends, and big dead drifts.

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Signature Nymph Flies


Signature Nymph Flies 


Our RIO Signature nymph patterns cover any sub-surface application from a double dropper rig to a single Rubber Legs under an indicator.

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Switch Indicator


Switch Indicator.


Send heavy indicator rigs and create perfectly stacked mends with the utmost control, designed specifically for switch rods.

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