FF&FT October: Better than a bung – Tying the perfect duo dry fly

FF&FT October: Better than a bung – Tying the perfect duo dry fly.


The Corixa fixer
7 ways to success this autumn
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Plus loads more informative articles, including:
– Better than a bung: Tying the perfect duo dry fly
– David v Goliath: Do we fish too big on small stillwaters?
– A rod for all reasons: Choosing the salmon rod to suit your river
– Edinburgh lines: Escape to the City’s outer lochs
– Monster munch: A monster fly… for monster trout
– Home and away: Tackling mullet in September, in UK and off the Costa Blanca
– Gathering intelligence: Uncovering the secret life of aquatic insects
– Taff Price: The life and colour of ‘the brother of the hackle’
– The Corixa fixer: 7 ways to success with waterboatmen this autumn
– WIN! TT Premium Textured Plus fly line and Seaguar fluorocarbon
– Behind the mask: Exploring the variety and flies you can tie from a hare’s mask
– Fair game: The long-term prospects for our gentle art
– Up and running: Exciting prospects for the little river Meon
– Tackle bag: Mackenzie lines, tough breathable waders, low-alcohol beers
– UNDERCURRENT – Another fine mess: analysing the fining system for polluters, and suggesting a solution to suit all parties
– News: “Paltry” fine for major fish-kill; Sprat shoals return to Clyde; Alness, Moriston and Ness get down-graded…
– The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


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