RIO Products: Our Newest Field Report – Dean River, BC

RIO Products: Our Newest Field Report – Dean River, BC.


Mention The Dean River to any fly angler, and you can bet images of awe-inspiring peaks and bright, healthy hard fighting steelhead and king salmon come to mind.

Grab an inside look from RIO Fly Designer Patrick Kilby, along with his companions, Sean Visintainer of Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane, WA and Joe Rotter of Red’s Fly Shop in Ellensburg, WA as they swing flies on the legendary Dean River in British Columbia.

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Dean River report


In the latest RIO blog, RIO Fly Designer Patrick Kilby takes us on a wild ride through British Columbia’s famed Dean River. Learn more here.


Dean River Go-To Lines


Dean River Go-To Lines 1.

Dean River Go-To Lines 2.

“We had to work hard again, fishing deep and slow. For example, I used an 8136-4 prototype that Paul, a Sage engineer, had given me. I was fishing the 600 grain Skagit Max Power with 15’ of T14 and a weighted fly.” -Patrick Kilby, RIO Fly Designer

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Dean River Go-To Flies

Dean River Go-To Flies 1.

Dean River Go-To Flies 2.

Dean River Go-To Flies 3.

“We only fished RIO flies, and given the water conditions, we mostly used the big patterns. Top producers were RIO’s Animal and RIO’s Pay Dirt. Next in line was RIO’s CCFCCP and RIO’s Prawn Jovi.” -Patrick Kilby, RIO Fly Designer

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