RIO Products: Correct Way To Wind A Line On To A Fly Reel

In this RIO Fly Fishing Tip Chris Walker shows the best way to wind a new fly line on to your reel to avoid getting twist. Chris also shows what not to do, and why winding the line on the wrong way will put massive twist in a fly line.



RIO’s Fly Fishing Tips series are short, less-than-a-minute videos, each bought to you by a RIO employee or ambassador and showing a single fly fishing tip to help you become a better fly fisher. The series includes freshwater, saltwater and Spey topics, and a mix of casting, fishing and gear tips – some basic, some technical, and everything in between.

Each new tip is released on RIO’s Facebook and Instagram pages every Friday, so if you like the sound of this series and want to get these tips quickly, be sure to follow RIO on these platforms.



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