Guideline LPX Fly Rods – Chrome, Tactical, Nymph, Predator & Coastal

The LPXe fly rods have for many years been the core rod series for us here at Guideline. It has brought so many sweet memories and great experiences not only for us as a company, but also for thousands of fly anglers across Scandinavia, Europe and the world. Nobody really wanted to part from those rods, they were part of us, they were Guideline. The core, soul and DNA of our brand.



But finally we came to a point where there were so many new developments in material, components and eco work that made us certain that we could design a new rod series. A selection of fly rods that actually maintained the soul and DNA of our Guideline brand, and at the same time reflecting the future and the days that lie ahead.

In 2020 we released the LPX Coastal rods, and they became an immediate success, and made us sure that we were on the right path. Now its time for the rest to follow, 35 different rods divided into sub series with a clear and focused purpose and the ability to handle a wide variety of situations.

Please welcome LPX Chrome, LPX Tactical, LPX Nymph & LPX Predator.
LPX Chrome – for the angler searching for salmon, sea trout & steelhead.
LPX Tactical – designed to fit the dedicated trout, char & grayling angler.
LPX Nymph – perfect tools for all aspects of modern nymph fishing.
LPX Predator – toothy critters in all waters, beware.
LPX Coastal – the first choice for coastal & saltwater flats anglers.

These new LPX rods means a lot to us. They carry a legacy of something that brought Guideline to where we are today. They are designed and fine-tuned to take that heritage into the future, and that is something you don’t take easily. For us it is important to take those small steps for a better planet, and the eco-features of the LPX rods include non-grinded blanks, low-toxic glue and coatings, PVD coated guides and recycled fabrics in rod bags and tube covers.

For us it is important to do what we can, and in the end; It’s all about the experience.


LPX Chrome Fly Rods

Guideline LPX Chrome fly rods are designed and built with a brand-new Guideline rod action. They have a ¾ deep load and power that kicks in earlier in the cast without sacrificing the speed in the rods. They have a lightness, stability and responsiveness that connect you with the cast in a totally new way. These fly rods are perfect tools for hunting large seatrout, salmon, or steelhead. LPX Chrome are premium rods stacked full of features, rarely seen at these prices.



The secret behind the distinct rod action is our C.A.P M4.0™ technology, an advanced carbon layup that creates a unique rod flex, that has it all. The action is best described as medium fast, progressive with fast recovery. The tip section has great stability for setting sharpen loops and the power to lift heavy sinking lines. During casting you easily get connected to the lower parts of the rod which delivers a remarkable kick/catapult effect in the stop, this lets you deliver long casts with hardly any power.

The unique side-stability in LPX Chrome make the fly line follow the rod extremely well when you swing and rotate the rod during the cast. Leading to more precise casting, higher line speed and cleaner loops. A truly new action that will set the standard for our future fly rods.

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LPX Nymph Fly Rods

Guideline LPX Nymph is packed with high-end features and components that will satisfy the most demanding euro-nymphing anglers. Thanks to our C.A.P M4.0 advanced blank construction technology, these rods are incredibly light for their length (78g for a 10’8 #3) and have an action that takes nymph rods to the next level. The feeling is superbly sensitive, making it possible to detect even the most subtle of takes. The tip is very sensitive with gradually more power down the blank.


The different parts of the rod engage very smoothly as you put more power into them. This makes fighting bigger fish more effective yet maintaining protection of the finest tippets. The recovery is at top level, fast and rigid with no vibrations and great stability in all directions. This ensures unparalleled precision when casting your nymph rig and creates that good feeling of beeing connected with the whole rod. The light in hand feeling, fantastic balance and low swing weight will give you great times on the river for long hours of static, fishing holding that tip high.

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LPX Tactical Fly Rods

Guideline LPX Tactical combines nothing less than cutting edge technology and a new definition of state-of-the-art rod actions for trout fishing. Tactical has a distinct and very precise action that gradually unleashes when you load the rods more and more. The action is what we like to describe as fast ¾ deep with superb stability that suits all levels of fly casters.



When casting at shorter distance the tip and mid-section gives you plenty of that important sensitivity you need, at mid and longer distance the lower parts of the rod engages and give you all the connection, power, and stability you dreamed of. These rods are nothing short of exceptional: Super smooth, yet rigid and master all the different types of casts you like to do and protect the finest tippets playing your trophy trout. Ultralight in hand and in real weight – 9ft #5wt weighs just 70grams!

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