Orvis: How to get a stuck rod apart and other tips

What is the best way to get a stuck fly rod apart? Sometimes rods set up and need some extra attention to get them unstuck and put away. We’ll show you three ways of getting a stuck rod apart safely and easily.



What’s a tippet ring and how do you use one? Tippet rings are small polished metal rings used for fly-fishing leaders that allow you to tie on a new tippet without losing any material on your leader so you don’t shorten your leader every time you tie on a new tippet. They are also great for tying together two sections of greatly different diameters, or for tying nylon to fluorocarbon. And the cool thing is you never need to tie a blood knot–all you need to tie is clinch knots!



You don’t need a long, tapered leader on a sinking or sink-tip line, or when using sinking poly leaders. Learn the easy way to add the right leader to your sinking line.



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