FF&FT February: Mackenzie’s Gunn – world champ’s ‘go to’ spring salmon fly

FF&FT february


Mackenzie’s Gunn
World champion’s ‘go to’ salmon fly
At newsagents from today!


Plus loads more informative articles, including:
• Get to love the Roly Poly: Acquire the taste for his controversial retrieve
• The four Horsemen: Tie the upside-down flies of the Apocalypse
• Year of refinement: Getting to grips with 2021’s lighter, thinner approach
• Flies without tears: A route to fly tying for the allergic
• “Think like a fish”: Advice from the top instructor
• Have a whip-round: Master the twists and turns of various whip-finish tools
• The wonder of Wickhams: The 7 variants carried by Allan Liddle
• The loch in winter: Days in the life of a manager’s closed season
• PRIZES! Fly tying 2020: Fly-tying competition requires a salmon fly
• Groundhog Day: The fly that moves trout… because it moves
• WIN!: Win a classic, hand-made fishing bag
• South country road map: Tracing the remarkable progress of our major Wessex-based angling provider
• News: Government plans “ambitious environmental agenda”; Farmed genes taking hold in Scotland’s salmon population; USA’s record growth in fishing; ‘Dying’ river Usk; Weeds are good; NRW makes farm visits  …
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


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