February 12: Live(stream) Fly Tying At The AMFF



February 12: Live(stream) Fly Tying At The AMFF


The American Museum of Fly Fishing will host a day of fly tying on Saturday, February 12. Beginners and seasoned anglers alike will enjoy watching experts Kelly Bedford, Paul Sinicki, Mike Rice, and Rich Strolis demonstrating their skills and sharing their knowledge from the Selch-Bakwin Fly Room here at the Museum.

Best of all, this event can be enjoyed in one of two ways. We’ll be livestreaming the fly tying on our Facebook page, or if you’re in the area we encourage you to stop by and watch in person.

Kelly and Paul will get things started for us at 10:30 a.m., while Mike and Rich will kick off their segment at 1 p.m. (both times are Eastern).

Whether it’s in Manchester or virtually, we hope you’ll join us!

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American Museum of Fly Fishing
4070 Main Street
Manchester, Vermont 05254
Tel. +1 802-362-3300
E-mail: amff@amff.org


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