Guideline: The unknown benefits of 6-piece fly rods – Leif Stävmo´s theory

Six-piece fly rods have been immensely popular the last years, and you may have noticed that we have a large selection of 6-piece double hand fly rods like the NT8, LPX Chrome and Elevation T-Pac.



Of course they are great for travel, but Guideline product manager Leif Stävmo also has a theory on the added action qualities of 6-piece fly rods that’s been sticking with him for a long time. Leif take us back 20 years in time when the classic 3-piece LeCie double hand rods were designed and a unison group of dedicated salmon anglers took these rods to their hearts.

Below are links to the different ranges of Guideline six-piece fly rods, both double hand hand switch rods:
Guideline NT8 DH 6-piece fly rods –
Guideline LPX Chrome DH 6-piece fly rods – Elevation DH 6-piece fly rods –
Guideline Elevation SW 6-piece fly rods –


Also look at:

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