FF&FT April 2022: How to put more fish on the bank

FF&FT April 2022: How to put more fish on the bank

How to put more fish on the bank

At newsagents now! Digital + paper editions now out!
(Digital editions include exclusive slide-shows, videos of reviews and fly-tying & hot-links)
(46 iPad/iPhone ratings on Apple. Av. rating: 4.7 out of 5)

• Tips on tying a CdC-winged parachute dry
• Using kapok – the water-repellent vegetable dubbing


Plus loads more features, including:
• Off the shoulder: A Spey casting advantage
• Go loopy: Try this new tying technique for gills and legs
• Midget gems: Be ready for the micro-olive hatch
• Parachute pay-offs: Tips for perfect posts
• The Bear necessity: Tie John Goddard’s standby for early season
• Accept the challenge: To put more fish on the bank
• Break the ice: How early can you start coastal mullet fishing?
• Is it worth targeting spring salmon?: You might just get lucky…
• Storm child: Fishing with the Angling Trust CEO
• Top of the Bill: What makes a competition-winning fly?
• WIN!: A Caddylite Travel Fly Tying Station
• The complete package: A ‘gobsmacked’ American visits the chalkstreams
• News: EA dismisses anglers’ complaints over salmon stocks; Aquaculture report ignores recommendations – what do the Green Party think?; Ban on ‘disposable’ cleaner fish for salmon farms?; Minister urged to re-think over canoe charges  …
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


Website: https://flyfishing-and-flytying.co.uk/.


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