Sage Fly Rods – Behind The R8

R8 Technology – Shaping eight revolutions in how we fish

Since our founding on the shores of Puget Sound four decades ago, Sage has repeatedly revolutionized graphite fly rod technology. We’re lucky to live at the confluence of a diverse angling culture and an epicenter of the aerospace materials industry. This overlap between opportunity and knowledge, between legendary Steelhead rivers and leading-edge composite scientists, between trout streams and saltwater habitat—essentially between the art and the science of fly fishing—has shaped our characteristic outlook on innovation from our very first Winslow blanks to our latest generation of graphite and taper revolution.



R8 Core is focused on maximum versatility and applies new revolutionary material technology through our forward-thinking lens of what we’re seeing out on the water where one rod needs to show even greater range. At its Core, R8 Core traces a direct lineage to Sage’s multi-application vision, one shaped by the fishing evolutions happening all around us—from habitats we stalk and waters we frequent, to the flies we fish and the diversity of species we now target.


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