Salmon & Trout Conservation will become WildFish in July


Wild fish populations are collapsing. We destroy their freshwater habitats faster than anything else. Most of our rivers fail to reach ecological targets. Open-net salmon farming is ravaging wild salmon and sea trout. All fish are threatened by sewage, agricultural pollution, over-abstraction and barriers to migration.

To protect wild fish in the future, we need to be more robust, focussed and uncompromising. Our new name and identity set out to do this.

Here’s what you will see:
• Salmon & Trout Conservation will become WildFish on Thursday 7th July
• Our visual identity will change but our focus stays the same – protecting wild fish
• In response to your feedback, we will launch a brand-new website with easy to find content and information about how to support our work


Building on strong foundations

For over 100 years Salmon & Trout Conservation has campaigned for the protection of wild fish and the aquatic environment.

As a well-established and respected charity, we have the foundations to take the action that is urgently needed. WildFish will amplify our voice and allow us to reach a wider audience than ever before.


A strong and expert focus

As WildFish we will continue to use science and the law to change government policy, industrial practice and individual behaviour. We will continue to tackle the prime causes of declining wild fish populations: pollution, from sewage and agriculture, over-abstraction and open-net salmon farming.

To protect wild fish we need:

An increase in awareness of the crisis facing freshwater species

The damage to wild fish and their habitats is often invisible. Yet, in the UK 13% of freshwater species are at risk of extinction.

WildFish will strive to make the science and supporting information easily accessible to everyone. We aspire to a future in which wild fish populations can thrive.


For everyone to place higher value on the conservation of wild fish

Wild fish are indicators of a healthy river. A river fit for wild salmon is a river fit for all – fish and humans alike.

In the last 20 years wild Atlantic salmon populations have declined by 70%. Such a dramatic fall means their survival is at risk. Salmon are not alone. Today, over two-thirds of our freshwater and wetland species are in decline.

Our new name – with your support – will help us rise to the challenge of protecting wild fish.

Thank you for your support.


Nick Measham


Salmon & Trout Conservation · The Granary, Manor Farm · Burcombe Lane, Burcombe · Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 0EJ · United Kingdom


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