Float-tube predator fishing with shooting heads – Guideline Tips & Tricks

In this Guideline Tips & Tricks episode our sales rep Brian Størup is fishing for pike in Denmark together with shop manager Kim Sørensen from OutdoorXperten Holstebro. When fishing from a float-tube you can really benefit from using a short line like the ULS 3D+ Shooting head to make the fishing more efficient and relaxing during long sessions. Kim and Brian takes us through the whole setup from shooting line, shooting head, leader and all the way to the fly.



Useful links:
LPX Predator rods – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/lpx-predator/106470/lpx-predator-single-hand-rods
ULS 3D+ Shooting heads – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/guideline-shooting-heads/102865/uls-3d-plus–ultra-light-scandi
Compline II Shooting line – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/shooting-lines-(mono)/102895/compline-ii-flat-mono-shooting-line
Our website in English language – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com
Our blog – https://guideline.blog
OutdoorXperten Holstebro – https://www.outdoorxperten.dk


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