Tippet rings for stillwater rigs – Guideline Tips & Tricks

In this episode we follow UK fly angler and John Norris fishing advisor Jack H Little on a day of fishing in a local lake. He talks about the easy and secure setup you get with tippet rings and the importance of moving along the banks of a lake to optimize your chance of finding fish.



Guideline website – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com
Tippet Rings – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/power-strike-leaders/104612/gl-tippet-rings-2mm-12kg
Reach Stillwater fly line – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/reach-stillwater/105212/reach-stillwater-float
Elevation lake rod #6/7 11′ 6pcs – https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/elevation-t-pac/105839/elevation–hash-6-7-11-6pcs-single-hand-rods
Guideline Blog – https://guideline.blog


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