FF&FT April: 3-D Buzzers – Special effects with varnish, superglue, epoxy & resins

FF&FT April 2023

Tay Crusader, a salmon fly on a mission to catch. At newsagents from today!

Plus loads more informative articles, including:​
• Bewl’s late bonus: Alone on its winter bank with only quality fish for company
• 7 not quite All Blacks: The flies to turn to ‘if in doubt’
• Arrow’s in my heart: Why this lough gets the pulse racing
• 3-D Buzzers: Special effects with varnish, Superglue, epoxy and resins
• Grey seals everywhere: The black-and-white facts
• Fuzzy trout food: Tying secrets and other twists with chenille
• Learn to sink: The knowledge, craft and history behind the Tumbling Shrimp
• Transparently obvious: Looking back, to be forward-looking
• FLY TYING COMPETITION: The emerging stars of glass bead-head tying
• WIN!: Snowbee Classic rod, reel & line kit
• All down the line: Independent review of a backing, fly line and leader kit
• Cuts both ways: Testing fine-pointed scissors
• Hard currency: When you are the only successful fly tyer in the camp
• News: ‘95% of farmed salmon are ‘partially deaf’; Coffey challenged over sewage scandal; Join the angler activists; John Todd (1955–2023); Wild Trout Trust auction … and more
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!

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