FF&FT May: Fingers on the Buzzer – Tips and tweaks for the Shipman’s

FF&FT May: Fingers on the Buzzer – Tips and tweaks for the Shipman's.


Beyond the ‘Gate to Nowhere’, trouting in the remote Assynt hills. At newsagents now!

Plus loads more informative articles, including:​
• Rutland’s changing face: Fishing alongside the demon shrimp
• Class in glass: Tying transparent detached bodies
• A bad case of Hucho virus: Hunting Danube salmon in the snow
• The grey economy: Cull seals, or bring back the salmon nets?
• Fingers on the Buzzer: Tips and tweaks for the Shipman’s
• Tie High for dries: A secret for fast water
• Blithfield bliss: Staffordshire’s special reservoir
• One man and his club: The legacy of Alex Booth
• Magic ties: The best Black Magic parachute flies
• Beyond the ‘Gate to Nowhere’: Stepping out high into the Assynt hills
• WIN!: £100 worth of Hooks & Hackles products!
• Tying with arthritis: Readers’ tips
• The angler’s curse: @£$%£@*&!!
• News: UK aims to close industrial sandeel fishery; Lords issues damning report on water quality; Catches up on Tweed  … and more
• The Usual Suspects, including: Magnus Angus’ reviews, Your Say, Shot of the Month and plenty more!


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