Angry Surfer Fly – Niklaus Bauer

Wood carving is on the menu for this one. Well not really, but it is highly inspired of a famous glide bait from us called – Manta.



The cool and deadly action of glide baits are the movements, how they glide from side to side and the balance of them whey you stop, it just stays there, just waiting for your next pull. Deadly. Converted into a fly took it lot of try and failure but after a bunch I manage to get it how I wanted, the perfect gliding pike fly.

The Surfer-Baby Pike
Hook: Ahrex TP610 #4/0
Glue: Zap a gap brush on, Zap Gel, Gulff Thinman and Flexman
Thread: Power tread 100D, 50D – White
Eyes: Predator eyes 8 mm – Fl. Yellow
Tail: Double tail Medium – Fl. Yellow, 0,70 mm Fl. Carbon, FD Tube 1,8 mm – Clear
Wing: Extra Select Craft fur #142 Fl. Yellow, #159 Golden Olive and Ripple ice fiber #159 Golden Olive
Body: Double Barrel popper, Medium – White

Fly Dressing pro tip: How to make perfect UV heads every time – Niklaus Bauer:

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This video is produced by Robert Hansson.

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