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Guideline Experience+ WF

Experience+ is designed to be a line for all kinds of fishing situations and different types of casts. This fly line turns over long leaders with perfect presentation and accuracy at any distance you can cast. The long belly is followed by a handling line that lets you carry the full head plus overhang with great stability.



An important feature when presenting the fly to shy fish, far away. But it’s not all about distance, this line also works perfect on short and medium distance. You don’t have to carry a lot of line outside the rod tip in order to shoot line. The short back taper makes this quite a fast fly line and this is the key to being such a great allrounder.

Guideline Experience+ WF:


Guideline Presentation+ WF line

The first Presentation line came in 2002 and has been a bestseller for many years. Originally designed for trout anglers who like to hang out in smaller rivers or lakes, where stealth, accuracy and presentation is more important than distance casting. Presentation is a great all-round line that is easy to cast and performs very well at distances up to just over 20 meters. When you are casting from tight positions, this line outperforms lines with longer heads. You can carry less line outside the tip and shoot further with a Presentation WF.



Having a major part of the weight in the rear also makes it a perfect line for all kinds of water-born casts like spey- and switch casts. Presentation is a fast line due to its short back taper and compressed belly. The long front taper gives a smooth transition of speed into the leader that makes is present beautifully during dry fly fishing with normal or long leaders. In WF #5 and 6 it has enough power to cast heavy nymphs and streamers.

Guideline Presentation+:


High N Dry | Guideline Tips & Tricks

In this episode of Guideline Tips&Tricks, Rune A. Stokkebekk shows how to treat our dry flies with High N Dry products.



High N Dry Fishing Products is a company made up of people who love fly fishing and have great respect for the value of a clean and intact nature. One of the unique aspects of the HND team is that two of its founders are professional chemists who between them hold over 100 patents in the US. Fly fishing and the love of nature brought them together and a goal to make the best fly floatants on the market that are also completely free of harmful substances. They have succeeded in this, and such a result also fits 100% into Guideline’s objective of “Clean all the way” and environmentally friendly products. High N Dry products are delivered in generous packaging that gives you good value for money. The content is absolutely of the highest level and, in our opinion, market leading.

High N Dry Fishing products:

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