Buzzing Buzzer Fishing for Brown Trout

Flymaniacs l Daniel Bergman & Cato Monsen

It’s Flymaniacs time! Welcome to the first Flymaniacs episode of 2023. In this episode Daniel Bergman and Cato Vivelid Monsen are buzzer fishing in Western Norway for wild brown trout. Buzzer fishing is a mainstream thing in some countries but it is definitely a way of fishing we all anglers should get familiar with. These techniques apply in various stillwater destinations around the world and the variation of species you can target with buzzer techniques is wide.



So grab a cup of coffee or a beer and enjoy the adventure guys have to offer. This episode includes a lot of technical advices about buzzer fishing from the leader setups to retrieve techniques.

Cato and Daniel are using the following gear:

Float tube:
Keeper ISO Float

Stillmaniac 9’9” wt6
XO Graphene 9′ wt5 (Dry fly setup)

XLV Stillmaniac
XO 56

FEEL 115
XO 100
Stillmaniac Sink 3

Landing net:
Nymphmaniac landing net

Cato’s chest bag:
Love Handles

Cato: Scout 2.0 ZIP
Daniel: Koski

Capu jacket camo
Pupa jacket rusty orange

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