Smith Creek Rod Clip+ and Rig Keeper

The Smith Creek Rod Clip+™ is based on our classic Rod Clip, but adds a second, alternative attachment method via a sturdy zinc carabiner. Rod Clip+ frees up your hands to tie on a fly, change a lure, bait a hook or show off that trophy fish you’ve just landed. Our patented fishing rod clips hold your fly rod securely and out of the way, keeping it from being accidently knocked free. Besides keeping grit out of the reel, Rod Clip+™ also keeps your outfit above the salt and out of the mud. No more having to lay a rod on the ground while releasing a fish!



• Non-glare, marine grade anodized aluminum
• Smooth edges wont scratch your fly rod
• Anodized surface looks great and lasts for years
• High density, UV resistant foam insert holds firmly holds your fly rod
• Compact and lightweight
• 304 Steel Pin with Zinc Carabiner
• Custom zinger is tested to 50,000 pulls
• Available in three beautiful colours
• Rugged Smith Creek Quality
• Patented design


Smith Creek Rig Keeper

The Smith Creek Rig Keeper ™ is the dropper rig system that nymph fishermen have been asking us for. This fly fishing rig keeper allows anglers to easily carry multiple hook rigs that are held securely and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs. It holds all types of dropper rigs; Czech, truck and trailer, dry fly and dropper, multiple wets, even works with salmon and steelhead setups. But whatever the style it holds leaders and rigs without tangles and it’s quick and simple to use.



– Compact and lightweight
– Contoured, raised ribs protect your flies from rubbing off
– Works with all types of dropper rigs
– Quick and easy to use
– Includes stainless steel lanyard attachment cable
– Rugged Smith Creek Quality
– Patented design

For more information: Flyfish Europe AS.

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