Ahrex – Light Cahill – by Håkan Karsnäser

In the series of flies under the “Catskill-style” there are several many classic dry fly patterns, which are imitations of mayflies. One of the most iconic patterns is the Light Cahill which appears to have been developed in the 1880’s.



The Light Cahill is identified by W. Patrick McCafferty in his aquatic entomology book as being a flat headed mayfly (Family Heptageniidae), called such because of its appearance while in its nymph form. In this video we have had the skilled Swedish flytyer and flyfisherman Håkan Karsnäser behind the vise to show this beautiful and simple dry fly.

Hook: Ahrex FW502 Dry Fly Light # 12
Thread: Brown
Tail: Medium ginger hacklefibres
Wing: Lemon woodduck
Body: Superfine dubbing, Cahill tan
Hackle: Medium ginger hackle

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