Ahrex – Leatherman – by Håkan Karsnäser

If you ask Norwegian fly tyer and fly fisherman Tommy Solberg about his universal dry fly, his clear answer is his own pattern, the Leatherman, who has gone gained great success in Scandinavia. It fishes incredibly well and many nice fish have mistaken a natural insect for this small all-round imitation. The two CDC feathers across the back of the fly, allow it to be pulled under the surface while fished in still water by line retrieve, but it pops up into the surface at stops – something that trout and grayling find very difficult to resist. In this video we once again have our own Håkan Karsnäser, who will demonstrate the tying of this “must-have” fly in the box for the season’s dry fly fishing.



Hook: Ahrex FW504 Short Dry # 14
Thread: Brown 10/0
Back: Two CDC feathers
Body: Peacock herl
Hackle: Furnace hen hackle
Wing: The tip of the CDC feathers

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