Dave’s Fly Box! Woolly Buggers, Muddlers & Small Streamers

“The full version of this video is available at our website www.jensenflyfishing.com. I have long been asked to share my fly boxes, why I tie what I do, how, how to fish the flies and why I’ve come to the patterns and sizes I fish when & where I do – AKA – what I can get away with, when & where! In this video we share all the above as it pertains to my woolly buggers, muddlers & small streamers fly box!”



By the end of this video you will learn:
– Why I tie the few patterns I do, discuss how I tie them, to what proportions.
– What water types, structure and habitats I target
– What bead head sizes I use on varying hook sizes
– What food sources I’m imitating
– How to project depth to feeding zone based on fly dynamics and weight
– Using a trout’s lateral line vs depth-zone feeding
– When to use different combinations of flies and weights in varying water types
– IMPORTANT Discussion of approach, casting locations, cast types, DRP (Depth, Retrieve, Presentation), Bad Cast Recovery, the WIGGLE LIFT, and heaps of subtle tips & tactics sprinkled throughout.

In this 1hr 29 min production we break it down so you will have the transformative confidence of either tying or custom purchasing these streamers and knowing how to apply these dynamics to various water types and fish feeding behaviour. We hope you find this valuable.

Dave & Amelia

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