Streamer fishing with Max Kantor | Guideline Tips & Tricks

Last summer we spent a couple of days at Rena Fish Camp in Norway with Max Kantor and John Bond to talk streamer fishing. When the water is up, off-colour, or you simply are looking to target the most aggressive fish in your body of water, streamer fishing is a fantastic option to try, but does mean sizing up your equipment a bit. Those conditions were exactly what we experienced, as we found ourselves on a river flooded above its banks well after the usual spring run-off.



We cover everything from basic safety tips to choosing the ideal streamer set-up, discussing the benefits of 6, 7, and 8wt rods for different-sized flies, conditions, and varying your fishing style.

It was a lot of fun to apply this popular western USA fly fishing style to an area where streamer fishing is not widely used. What remains consistent, however, is if you are looking for exhilarating, visual, and more fast-paced trout fishing, it’s time to size up those flies, hit the pockets, and brace yourself for a trout that pulls back.

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