Guideline Brook Concept | Elevation Brook rods & Brook WF fly line

The Elevation Brook series contains of two different models, that probably are the most perfect rods for brooks and smaller streams. Together with all the same eco features as all other Elevation rods, we have also made some small cosmetic design changes. Less metallic trim and a more greyish thread to give you the feeling of an even more “stealthy” rod when fishing. The rods have a wonderful “mid flex” rod action curve, which means that you will have a rod that quickly bends perfectly in the tip and mid section of the rod, ensuring that small casting movements in tight situations will work just as thought.



The Brook WF is the small stream master. This line, with its compressed taper and short head, loads the rod well at very short distances, giving you the ability to shoot a good line with hardly any line out of the rod tip. Loading the rod sufficiently when casting short gives a better feel for the rod and enhances your feeling of control and accuracy when fishing at short distances.

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